Quiz Night for the Unibet Open!

Quiz Night for the Unibet Open!

Unibet Open is kicking off its 2021 season next week with a Unibet Open Quiz night. Yet again, Quiz Night will be hosted by ebullient Unibet Ambassador Ian Simpson – with a ton of prizes on offer.

Quiz Night will kick off at 8PM CET (19.00 UK/Ireland) on Tuesday (March 16) on the Unibet Twitch channel; full details for all three quizzes are below. You can play from your desktop or mobile, whichever is easiest for you. We have lined up three quizzes – running straight after each other – giving everyone a chance to win.

In between the quizzes, there will be breaks and online HexaPro games so you can keep your excitement levels topped right up! You will need to register for the quizzes using your Unibet alias (and unfortunately Swedish, Belgian and Danish players are excluded from this promotion due to regulations, and Germany are excluded from promotional elements.)


Quiz Night is a fun way for Unibet players to get together and test their knowledge skills against each other as well as Unibet Ambassadors. Capacity is limited to 1,500.

Quiz host Ian Simpson said: “Quiz night is now a regular feature of our online Unibet Opens and we’re really looking forward to the first of 2021! Come join me on Twitch March 16 to chat, interact or just answer questions. We’ll be having a lot of fun and giving away prizes for each of the three quiz rounds.”

Quiz details
Date: Tuesday, March 16 2021
Time: 20.00 CET (19.00 UK/Ireland)

To join in the quiz night fun, head over to Unibet’s Twitch channel: www.twitch.com/unibetpoker

To join the quizzes please register here:
– Quiz 1: https://myQuiz.org/i/689184
– Quiz 2: https://myQuiz.org/i/689185
– Quiz 3: https://myQuiz.org/i/689186
Prizes for each quiz:
1st €100 mini Unibet Open ticket
2nd-3rdrd: €50 generic MTT ticket
4thth-5thth: €25 generic MTT ticket

The Unibet Open

The first online Unibet Open of 2021 kicks off next week and once again the tour is joining forces with the Unibet Online Series. Several flagship events are scheduled, including the €250,000 guaranteed Unibet Open Main Event starting next Sunday, March 21. A ton of satellite qualifiers for the Unibet Open are already underway, including €1, €2 and €5 turbos.


The Unibet Open festival marks the finale of the €1 million guaranteed Unibet Online Series which features 145 tournaments in total. As well as the two-day £250,000 guarantee Unibet Open Main Event, other Unibet Open tournaments taking place include the £15,000 guarantee Unibet Opener starting March 17, the £15,000 guarantee Unibet Open Warm-Up on March 20 plus a two-day £50,000 guarantee Unibet Open rebuy tourney on March 21.


Top British poker pro Max Silver won the first ever online Unibet Open Main Event last May for €77,320 while Irishman Padraig O’Neill made history by taking down both the October Main Event – for €79,998 and the winter edition of the online Unibet Open Main Event for €52,622.


The Main Event on March 21 will cost €1,100 to enter, and features a single re-entry option with a 15k starting stack. Late reg is open until the end of level 12. The final Day 2 will resume at 7pm on Monday, March 22.

Terms and Conditions
1. Only participants with an Unibet Account are eligible to win a prize, players from Sweden, Belgium & Denmark are excluded due to regulations, and Germany are excluded from promotional elements.
2. The quiz starts with a question and several answers.
3. There could be more than one correct answer. At least one answer option must be incorrect. Select the answer(s) and click on the “Confirm” button. The first three players who answered correctly get bonus points. At the end of the quiz a Leaderboard is shown.
4. If players have the same number of points, the winner will be the one who answered fastest
5. Players are allowed prizes in several quizzes.
6. Unibet reserves the right to change these conditions at any time.
7. Unibet reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

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